Characteristics of courses

The curriculum of HESED foreign language school is characterized by its combination of solid axis and flexibility to respond to the changing trend of the time. The beginner's course use highly acclaimed materials, but the course content is not fixed and repetitive.Instead it is updated and optimized for each class at a time. After the intermediate level, we carefully select the materials and incorporate them into the class based on the students' goals, personalities and abilities to design effective courses. As to EJU, JLPT, graduate school entrance examination, we always grasp the latest examination dynamic trends systematically from the very beginning.

Admission Period

Our school has set up a one-year 3-month course, a one-year 6-month course, a one-year 9-month course and a two-year course with the goal of entering Japanese universities, college and other institutions of higher education
※classes will be assigned according to the results of the placement test

1 Year 3 Month Course 1 Year 6 Month Course 1 Year 9 Month Course 2 year course
The admission period January October July April
The study period 1 year and 3 months 1 year and 6 months 1 year and 9 months 2 years
The lectures 1,000 hours 1,200 hours 1,400 hours 1,600 hours
Visa status student visa student visa student visa student visa


For Japanese courses, there are morning and afternoon classes. From Monday to Friday, it's four periods a day. Morning and afternoon classes are determined by entrance test and interview.

morning class afternoon class
First period 09:00 ~ 09:45 13:00 ~ 13:45
Second period 09:55 ~ 10:40 13:55 ~ 14:40
Third period 10:50 ~ 11:35 14:50 ~ 15:35
Fourth period 11:45 ~ 12:30 15:45 ~ 16:30

The course characteristic

Each class is charged by one teacher always with a natural and warm teaching atmosphere. The course is generally a pleasant conversation to begin with. In order to check students' learning results regularly, there will be small test every week, and at the end of each semester, the students' learning will and Japanese accumulation will be assessed through the final examination.

Course contents

Initial level (6 months)

target target to develop ability of four basic skills of Japanese listening, speaking, reading and writing.
Words/Vocabulary Learning basic characters used in daily life
Listening/conversation Simple Japanese speaking skills, master N5, N4 level listening test
Composition Able to write short articles
Reading Read and master N5 level grammar. Understand short articles

Pre-intermediate level (3 months)

target More proportion Reading contents are qualified. Develop comprehension skills that easily transit into intermediate level with heavy reading.
Words/Vocabulary Master the basic vocabulary and Chinese characters around 300. N4,N3 level vocabulary
Listening/conversation Simple Japanese speaking skills, master N4 N3 level listening test
Composition Able to write embedded sentences
Reading Understand more formal articles

Intermediate level (6 months)

Target Able to reflect on Japanese life and culture, modern society and science, and be able to their own opinions on topics worthy of discussion.
Words/Vocabulary Master the vocabulary in the posters, advertisements and headlines of the news often seen in daily life
Listening/conversation Cultivate the ability to gather important information and understand daily life conversations Be able to understand conversations almost at normal speed in daily life scene.
Composition Use embedded sentences to write standard and logical articles
Reading Understand more difficult article, corresponding to N3 N2 level practice

Upper intermediate level (3 months)

target Pass N2 test
Words/Vocabulary Able to understand the news magazine and other simple reports
Listening/conversation Understand dialogue in a variety of situations and news at a normal speed According to the different scenes and objects, we will have Japanese expression exercises
Composition Be able to give logical comments on a subject and write their own opinions EJU test and N2 test practice
Reading Understand more difficult article, corresponding to N3 N2 level practice

Advanced level (6 months)

target Use proper Japanese cater to the different occasions. Almost closed to native speaker with fluent conversation leading to self-appeal (Pass N1)
Words/Vocabulary Able to use specific characters from professional topics, able to understand main points from complex and abstract articles.
Listening/conversation Able to understand conversations and news at a normal speed in a variety of situations
Composition Be able to give ethical and logical explanation in correct Japanese on general social issues and write the own opinions
Reading Be able to read a wide range of deep social topics, understand the author's intentions, and interpret complex expressions