Foreign Language School Hesed Nihonbashi & Setagaya

Our school is a Japanese language education institution accredited by the ministry of justice.

It aims to help foreign students with various purposes learn proper Japanese and realize their dreams.

Our goal is to gain practical language skills from the basics to the application, while deepening our understanding of Japanese society.

For those wishing to enter graduate school ,Universities and college, as well as those who want to find jobs in Japan, we will do our best to support you.

Your future
will begin with hesed.


The courses of HESED school
are conducted in a very harmonious atmosphere. Start every day with pleasant interaction and communication, improve your Japanese listening and speaking skills.Frequent class evaluations, weekly exams and final exams urge you to study and improve your examination tactics.

School introduction

More information about teachers, school facilities and student accommodation.


More information about admission procedures, courses, tuition.

School and life support

School guidence, daily life information.

School Life

After-class activities.