We think that meeting at this school is an important relationship.
We hope that by competing, encouraging together and learning in our classes, and sharing various experiences, we can build and develop bonds with our peers. Therefore, we make efforts to improve our daily lessons and carry out various extracurricular activities. Events following the year-round events such as the New Year and the Tanabata, out-goings by class and travel with the whole school, the entering and graduation ceremonies are also important events that are essential for school life in Japan. It also places importance on activities for a healthy and safe life.
We provide time for safety education for earthquakes, fires, diseases and crimes, and provide evacuation drills, experiential learning at disaster prevention centers, medical examinations and special police training. As you study hard every day, come into contact with different ideas and cultures through discussions and presentations, participate in events and enjoy yourself with your friends, you may also discover a lot about yourself.