Beginners are taught carefully by experienced teachers.
We will provide you with a list of recruitment guidelines for the course, including entrance time, reception, dead-line and school expenses.

Eligibility for application Person who has completed a 12-year school curriculum
Person who has sufficient financial power to study in Japan
Course 1 Year 3 Month Course
1 Year 6 Month Course
1 Year 9 Month Course
2 Years Course
Recruitment time January entrance (recruitment begins in June of the previous year)
April entrance (recruitment begins in September of the same year)
July entrance (recruitment begins in January of the same year)
October entrance (recruitment begins in April of previous year)
Submission documents The documents that the applicant prepares
  • Application for admission (forms designated by this school)
  • Curriculum vitae (forms designated by this school)
  • 7 photos (4 x 3) Within 3 months
  • Graduation certificate and result certificate of final school
  • Japanese Language Proficiency Proofs
  • Copy of passport
The document that the sponsor prepares If the applicant pays school expenses and living expenses
  • Certificate of bank balance in the applicant's name
  • Confirmation of the above savings capabilities
    ( Certificate of Occupation, Annual Income, etc. )
If the parent or family of your home country pays
  1. Expense sponsor statement (form designated by this school)
  2. Certificate of the banking balance of the expense sponsor
  3. Certificate of employment of the expense sponsor (including of annual income)
  4. Certificate of family relation certifying the parent-child relation, family relation (relationship)