In our school,various activities are held every semester, such as Tokyo Disneyland, the bus tour to hakone and yamanashi, studying the disaster prevention knowledge and visiting edo Tokyo museum.

In addition, as a Japanese cultural experience, you can also participate in traditional festival, tea ceremony, barbecue, Japanese temple fair, and experience the traditional Japanese kimono.

Through such activities, you can have frequent opportunities to have contact with Japanese people.Through the communication with Japanese local people, it provides a natural opportunity to make Japanese friends.

We hold the speech contest, the Chinese character contest, and the composition contest.All the competitions are prepared with a variety of awards,such as scholarships from government.

졸업여행 한자대회 졸업여행 스피치대회 우에노공원 식물원 일본과자체험 한자대회 구정월파티 구정월파티 콘서트 크리스마스콘서트 집합 크리스마스파티 에도박물관 디즈니랜드 디즈니랜드 입학식 졸업식 수료식 하코네식사 하코네식사 하코네버스여행 하코네여행 야마나시여행 후지산버스여행 후지산버스여행 公園 公園 公園