Residence card

Alien identification card in Japan

When you arrive at the airport, you will receive a certificate of eligibility for immigration authorization, when you submit your passport with visa. This card is issued to foreigners who stay in Japan for medium to long periods of time. If you want to work part-time, you must also submit an application for permission to engage in activities out of your visa status at the immigration inspection. You don't have to carry your passport while you're in Japan, but you have to carry your residence card with you all the time. Short-term students do not have a residence card, so please carry your passport. Once you receive your residence card, you will need to report your address at the city office. The procedures must be completed within 14 days of entry.

About insurance

National health insurance

Japan is a country with high medical costs, so be sure to join the National Health Insurance system in order to live a comfortable life of studying abroad. Students who enter the country on study abroad visas are required to apply for National Health Insurance at the same time when they register at a municipal office. National health insurance subscribers typically pay 30% of their total medical expenses when you go to a hospital or clinic due to illness or injury.70% is covered by insurance. If you move, you can apply at your new city, town, or village office and get a new insurance card. Please submit your previous national health insurance card to the new address office and receive it. Without this procedure, you will not be eligible for national health insurance. ※Please proceed by yourself.

Foreign student insurance

In conjunction with the national health insurance, you can join the foreign student insurance program to make your life more secure. Foreign student insurance can receive a difference of more than \3,000 out of the 30 percent burden paid by using the national health insurance.
(except for chronic disease and dental treatment.)

After entering school, you join a group at school. The annual premium is 10,000 yen.
(Example: If you broke a bone and spent 30,000 yen on treatment and medicine, you can pay 9,000 yen if you are a member of the National Health Insurance. If you are a member of the National Health Insurance, you can pay 9,000 yen. Furthermore, if you are covered by foreign student insurance, 6,000 yen will be refunded and your own burden will be 3,000 yen. )

Extension of residence duration

If you want to stay longer than the period of residence permitted when you enter the country, you must apply to the Immigration Bureau for an extension of your period of stay and obtain permission. You can apply for this procedure about three months before the expiration date.

Mobile-phone purchase

It's convenient to have a mobile phone because you'll be asked for the contact in various necessary procedures while living in Japan. About acquisition of telephone numbers, the contract type depends on how long you are staying in Japan. After entering school, there will be an explanation by an affiliated mobile phone company.