The faculty are all Japanese teachers with rich experience and Japanese language teaching certificates, with sufficient professional standards and enthusiasm to provide quality courses.
In addition, teachers here are very familiar with the the development of audio-visual materials, classical literature, poetry, Ikebana, and corporate culture.
Therefore, according to the needs of students, teachers can provide a variety of guidance and constructive advices for your future plan. The staff in charge of daily life can speak English, Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean. Even beginners can feel assured to consult the teacher.
In addition to taking charge of their daily life, the staff here have rich experience of studying abroad in Japan, as well as working in Japanese enterprises, traditional culture, performing arts, sports and other aspects providing accurate advice on how to live in Japan and how to adapt to the society.
If you have any questions or concerns about studying in Japan, please feel free to email us.

西崎恭子 teacher

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矢野由美子 teacher

Let's study Japanese together that we understand,and we can speak.

趙ミンジョン vice-president

Support your dreams and challenges. Let's take the first step at HESED Foreign Language School!

トラン クアン チャウ staff

If you have a dream of studying in Japan, be sure to achieve it. I am in charge of recruiting, would like to support your dream and support your study abroad procedures. Let's make you dream come true with HESED foreign language school as a starting point.


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