setagaya school outline

School Name HESED Foreign Language School
Set up in October 2017
Capacity 100
Location 1-2F Papirion Kamiuma,4-11-20 Kamiuma, Setagaya-ku,Tokyo 154-0011
TEL : 03-5787-6412 FAX : 03-5787-6413
School accreditation ・ School accreditation by the ministry of justice
・Superior School

Principal Greeting

Welcome to our school!


Someone who choose Japan to study must be interested in Japanese traditions, culture, anime, or business.


Someone may want to persue their dreams here, and have a bright future.


Then no doubt that the first step is Japanese. Here, we attach great importance to the four skills which is “listening, speaking, reading and writing”. It is our goal to get a good score in JLPT test and EJU test and then smoothly enter the next stage of our life. Of course, this is also inseparable from your efforts.


Here, we can not only learn the language of Japanese, but also learn the original culture of Japan. We will accompany you wholeheartedly to spend a peaceful and happy life here.


Experienced teachers and enthusiastic staff are waiting for you!


Setagaya Principal of HESED foreign language school

鳥原 加苗