Going on to the next stage of education begins with choosing a school. 
After that, you have to apply and take the test. What universities and departments they have in Japan, think about what we want to learn, then go to visit the university and get some documents, consider the subjects of examinations, schedules and school expenses, and decide which school we want to study.
Next step is the application, but the necessary documents vary from university to university.
You have to follow the detailed instructions for what documents needed. Since the reasons for your choice and your study plan are directly concerned with the interview, you have to look at your past to future, from when you decide to come to Japan to when you graduate from college, think seriously and write the reasons.
If there is an essay exam, you need to practice explaining your opinion logically.
It takes hours and days to prepare for the interview. Graduate schools are even more advanced and difficult to determine research themes and develop research plans.
There are also various vocational schools in Japan, and you can acquire the skills necessary for the profession you want to pursue, and you can also acquire various qualifications. Or if you are not ready to go to a university or graduate school due to a change of your choice, you can go to a vocational school that provides preparatory education to go to university or graduate school and try again for entrance examinations.
While going on to a vocational school is easier than to a university, the basic procedure is the same.
The HESED foreign language school, Setagaya School, is still a new school, but there are teachers who have been instructing students to go on national universities, prestigious universities such as Waseda and Keio, as well as at technical schools in various fields for many years.
Then, there are the teachers accompanied by all the huge steps taken to get to upper school. The HESED Foreign Language School's "individual instruction" will support you from the beginning step to the end goal.

Extensive support through individual interviews We have established a complete support system with our teachers and staff.
Various information on entering a school We have a wide range of brochures and recruiting guidelines for universities, graduate schools and technical schools.
A large number of affiliated schools We have formed partnerships with many universities, colleges and recommended schools.