Tokyo Liberal Arts Academy

Tokyo Geijutsu Bunri Gakuen Outline

School Name HESED Tokyo Geijutsu Bunri Gakuen
Set up in October 2015
Capacity 300
Location 2F Berumeizon Hamacho,2-37-4 Hamacho,Nihonbashi,Chuo-ku,Tokyo 103-0007
School accreditation ・School accreditation by the ministry of justice
・Superior School

Principal Greeting



Hello, everyone.Welcome to HESED Foreign Language School Nihonbashi School.

HESED Tokyo Geijutsu Bunri Gakuen is located in the center of Tokyo, and there is also a lush park near our school, making it a perfect learning environment.

HESED Foreign Language School is a new Japanese language school that opened in 2016. Our school has a long history of Japanese language education, and we will carefully teach you how to learn Japanese.Don’t worry about studying Japanese.

The environment surrounding the world is changing a lot now.There are also many problems that need to be solved on a global scale.

How to solve these problems is a challenge facing each of us.HESED Foreign Language School Nihonbashi aims to foster human resources who can solve these problems.

What do you want to learn in Japan?What is your dream for the future?Through learning Japanese, please not only deepen your understanding of Japanese language, culture and customs, but also find a foothold for your future at our school.Our faculty and staff will do their best to support you so that your studies at our school will be the cornerstone of your future.


Nihonbashi Principal of HESED Tokyo Geijutsu Bunri Gakuen

Atsuko Ohata