Nihonbashi Outline

School Name HESED Foreign Language School
Set up in October 2015
Capacity 220
Location 2F Berumeizon Hamacho,2-37-4 Hamacho,Nihonbashi,Chuo-ku,Tokyo 103-0007
School accreditation ・School accreditation by the ministry of justice
・Superior School

Principal Greeting

Nihonbashi Principal


Hello and welcome to HESED foreign language school! I think you must have made a great determination to study in Japan.


So what is the purpose of your study abroad?


What’s your interest?


It’s important to improve your Japanese, but what will you do after that? If Japanese gets better, You may want to go to a college, university, graduate school, or just to get a qualification, take a job, or even experience Japanese culture. Our school was set up to meet everyone’s purpose.


In Nihonbashi, the traditional culture inherited from the tokugawa era is integrated with the urban streetscape created by modern advanced technology. In particular, there are parks, green spaces and complete public facilities around the school, making it the best place to learn.


Don’t you want to learn Japanese in a city where tradition meets modernity?


Here, our faculty and staff work together to help you overcome the difficulties of living in Japan. Japanese learning will be carefully tutored by a team of professional teachers with many years of experience. If you have time, let’s go to some interesting places in Japan. There are cherry blossoms in spring, fireworks in summer, red leaves in autumn and hot springs in winter. The places to experience Japanese culture are just 30 minutes from school.We hope you can enjoy your study here, and realize your dream !


We all look forward to meeting you!


Nihonbashi Principal of HESED foreign language school

Kan Ri E